Fated Foe
Quest Info
Recommend Level 25
Event cost n/a
Daily limit 2 times
Recommend-ation Group Play
Event NPC n/a
Description Though your journey has been arduous, there are numerous powerful enemies you've missed. Now go and defeat them to claim the rewards!

Fated FoeEdit

1.      If you complete a Dungeon on Solo Normal mode between 12:30 – 13:30 and 19:30 – 20:30, you’ll find your Fated Foe waiting for you.

2.      You’ll want to find your Fated Friend to aid you in the battle.

3.      When you receive your assignment from the Fate Master, please be sure to check the Dungeon difficulty. The same Dungeon on Normal, Hard and Heroic mode will have three unique Fated Foes, so you may play each Dungeon three times and kill three different Foes.

4.      The mysterious Tangled Destiny plant can be found within the Dungeons.
5.      Unlock it to face your Fated Foe. It may be anything from a bloodthirsty devil to just a paper tiger.

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