Gem TypesEdit

There are twelve kinds of gems in Forsaken World, and they are Attack Gems, Defense Gems, Life Gems, Magic Gems, Critical Hit Gems, Critical Damage Gems, Critical Dodge Gems, Critical Defense Gems, Accuracy Gems, Evasion Gems, Proficiency Gems, and Resistance Gem.

How to get GemEdit

1.       Purchase in Shop

2.       Join daily events

3.       Using Fate Shards to exchange for Lv.1 Gems with NPC Loriva

Gem CombiningEdit

You can combine three gems of the same level gems into one gem of a higher level. Combining charms can be purchased in shop.

Gem combining

Gem EmbeddingEdit

1.       Will get one gem slot when you enhance equipment every 4 levels.

2.       Different parts of equipment can embed different gems.

3.       Every piece of equipment can embed gems except Amulets.

4.       When embedding gems, players should choose gems which are suitable for their character’s development. For example, Clerics rely heavily on defense, so players should choose Life Gem, Defense Gem or Critical Dodge Gem.

Gem RemovalEdit

Embedded gems can be removed in exchange for gold coins.

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