Gift of Nature
Gift of nature
Quest Info
Recommend Level 40
Event cost N/A
Daily limit N/A
Recommend-ation Team up
Event NPC N/A
Description Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, Eversong Grassland Realm 2's Grassland Altar offers free EXP as a gift of nature. The central area can hold 20 players, while the outside area can hold 80 players. Team up for better efficiency!

Gift of Nature Edit

1.      This event is time-limited. To join, go to the Grassland Altar in Eversong Grassland. If you play it for 40 continuous minutes, you’ll earn free Exp.

2.      The event is split between central and outer areas. The central area can hold 20 people, while the outer area can hold 80 people. Battles in the central area will be more difficult but will also provide more Exp, so we suggest you Team up for this event.

3.      If your character’s power level isn’t very high, we suggest you stay in the outer area.

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