Inner Demon Realm
Quest Info
Recommend Level 30
Event cost 5 Stamina
Daily limit 2 times
Recommend-ation team up with Lv. 30+ players to finish
Event NPC Belinda
Description Inner Demon has come to Capital of Glory. Arch-priest has opened the way to the barrier. Players come into it and save the people!

Inner Demon Realm Edit

1.      This event starts every Saturday and Sunday. You should Team Up to earn Exp, Astral Fragments, Gems and Purple Gear Essence.

2.      There are four lesser bosses and one primary boss in this event. We suggest players defeat the lesser bosses together before taking on the primary boss.

3.      Every boss has different skills, something which players should keep in mind as they fight.

Jeweler: This boss has lots of AOE skills, but doesn’t cause much damage. Prepare more recovery potions.

Blacksmith: His most powerful skill reduces the HP of his opponents, and this skill increases in power every time it’s used. Focus on HP recovery.

Innkeeper: This boss may recover HP when attacked. Stop attacking the boss at this point to minimize its HP recovery.

Hunter: Avoid the green circles on the ground. These are the Hunter’s traps.

King: He can use skills from any two of the four previous bosses. Take note of his tactics and respond accordingly.

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