Monster Hunter
Monster hunter
Quest Info
Recommend Level 38
Event cost n/a
Daily limit 1 time
Recommend-ation forever alone
Event NPC Jack
Description Defeat the world's rare monsters, elite monsters, treasure Goblins and World Boss to entitle yourself as a top Monster Hunter and claim rich rewards

Monster Hunter Edit

1.      Find and defeat rare monsters once each day. You may not use Auto-Track for this event. Find the locations of the monsters from Jack (NPC).

2.      Monster Hunter may be played on three levels: Normal, Hard and Heroic. Difficulty will be randomly designed. The harder the difficulty, the better the rewards.

3.      After completing the event, you’ll earn the Beast Killa Reputation and the Hunter’s Medal. Medals can be exchanged for an assistant.

4.      If you take on Monster Hunter events every day, your Hunter’s Medal will become more functional. You’ll be able to exchange it for Potions, Insight Stones, Sacrificial Offerings and more. 

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