Skill TypeEdit

Every character has attack, defense, XP, artifact skill. Besides, some characters has healing skill and controlling skill. Every skill also was divided as several different skills.

See the skill description of each class:






Skill UsageEdit

1.       Each skill has shortcut button, same shortcut button released one skill, it will change to another skill automatically. After releasing second skill, third one will show up.

2.       Outer circle of each skill button is mark as magic when releasing skill or artifact energy. Player should use reasonable skill. XP skill is the most powerful group killing skill and it can kill all enemy surround by your character. Cool down time is long and player can upgrade XP skill by upgrading fairy.

Skill StudyEdit

1.       Player need go to Class Tutor of Capital to study, player who is higher than V3 can study any time.

2.       Skill study will cost some Exp and Gold Coin.

3.       Skill level should keep pace with character level.


What is talent?

Talent is divided as general talent and class talent. General talent could enhance player’s basic attribute, class talent could enhance player’s skill attribute.

How to choose talent?Edit


1.       Every character could have two skills at same time, they are general talent and class talent. Class talent has two kinds, but player only can use one of them at same time.

2.       Different class talent develop into different way. For example, if you want to be pure cleric, you should choose Sacred Penalty Talent; if you want to be violent cleric, you should choose Spirit Talent.

3.       You can change talent in class tutor, but talent insight is a longtime and expensive process. Suggest players to double think before you choose talent.

The relation between talent and skillEdit

Skill study

1.      Start from level 50, different talent can study different skill.

2.      After study talent and skill, player can choose equipment attribute based on your talent skill. For example, if you choose kindred with Dark Talent, you need to enhance Dark attack and Dark Proficiency metrics. The higher Dark attack and Dark Proficiency metrics are, worse the damage is.

Talent insightEdit


1.      Talent insight cost insight value which has storage limit. Higher level is, higher the storage limit is.

2.      Talent insight has success rate, higher the level is, lower the success rate is. After complete talent insight, general attribute or skill attribute will be increased.

3.      If you can’t decide to choose which talent, you can choose general talent.

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