Split Second
Split second
Quest Info
Recommend Level 30
Event cost n/a
Daily limit 5 times
Recommend-ation LV30+team
Event NPC Triss
Description Slay as many monsters of or above your level in a given time to receive rewards!

Split Second Edit

1.      Split Second may be played up to five times each day. This event is time-limited and requires that you kill monsters at an equal or higher level than your character.

2.      We suggest you Team Up to kill these monsters. It is highly suggested to team up to kill monsters. If you kill more monsters, you will get more rewards. Rewards will be given automatically, so you can feel free to continue slaying monsters. The max number of monsters you can kill and get credit for is 200.

3.      After accepting the Split Second event, monster info will be displayed on the right, so you can choose which monster to beat first.

4.      You may use the Gyroscope of luck to reset the monster assignments. What this essentially does is determine what level of rewards you get for killing the monsters. Purple garnishes twice the amount of experience as Blue.

5.      You may use a Time Seed and Feather of Time to complete the task in a shorter time. These materials maybe purchased from the Shop. 

6. As a tip, you can start the Split Second quest, then join a Storm Rift match. As long as the monsters are of equal or greater level than you, you will get credit for those monsters killed, even though they are not on the "list." Storm Rift takes approximately 5-6 minutes, and will put you just shy of 100 kills, the half way point of maxing experience for Split Second.  

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