Storm RiftEdit

Storm Rift
Storm rift
Quest Info
Recommend Level 20
Event cost 5 Stamina
Daily limit 2 times
Recommend-ation Group Play
Event NPC Avril
Description The Capital of Glory hasn't been very stable since the Storm Legion created the Storm Rift! Defeat the invaders and prove your courage!

1. Each Solo Storm Rift Challenge will cost one Mercenary Order. The system will automatically provide four career NPCs to help in battle.

2. Since Solo Challenges will not provide more Exp, rewards and Mercenary Orders than Team Challenges, we suggest you Team Up.

3. Every day you’ll have two chances to try the Storm Rift. Each challenge contains around six monsters, all of which will drop lots of gold coins, gems, evolution stones, cultivation stones and Exp. Monster levels will be proportionate to your Team level.

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