Temple Guard
Quest Info
Recommend Level 35
Event cost 5 Stamina
Daily limit 2 times
Recommend-ation Group Play
Event NPC Livy
Description Capital of Glory has lost its long-time peace as monsters came through the Storm Rift and contanminated the Temple of Glory. Now I need your skills and courage to fend off these invaders and secure the throne of glory!

Temple Guard Edit

1.       You must complete Temple Guard on Team mode for loads of Exp. It requests to team up to complete this battle and you will get lots of exp. If your friends are not online, you may tap “Auto-Match” in the event window.

2.       After entering the event, move your character to the green ring of light to summon a monster. When enter the assignment, you can move your character to green light ring, monster will come out. Follow the red arrow to the Temple. You want to stop monsters from entering the Temple. After you kill the Void Traveler,javascript:void('Visual') monsters will attack from three different directions. Make sure to keep your eye on all three areas.
3.       Later, all members should gather in front of the Temple throne to face the invading monsters. You’ll have Light Touch Hero, Blood Fire Hero and Sword Shield Hero. You may click each NPC Hero once to help you resist an injury.

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